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ges2v5d.f 07/08/00 14313 bytes this program is intended to read the GESIMA output (Wind (U, V, W), Rain Water, Temperature, Cloud Ice, Cloud Water, Graupel, Rel. & Spec. Humidity, Surface Water) and to write a dummy output file which is readable for write_v5d.f
write_v5d.f 07/08/00 6921 bytes program (modified form the original vis5d convert programs) to write a normal (equal sized grid file) for vis5d,
write_v5d.m 04/08/00 230 bytes is the (very simple) make file for Linux
OUTLBRAUNK 03/08/00 260 bytes this is a map file for the Leipzig Region
makemap.c 03/08/00 7308 bytes this is the map c source
maketopo.c 03/08/00 6558 bytes this the source for creating a topo file (for the Leipzig region)
vis5d_tools.tar.gz 07/08/00 10664 bytes this is a tar.gz package of all files.

If you want to visualizeyour data at the web, you can save each picture, convert it intojpg, gif or png and then display it with the java Program'ImageAnimator', from David Flanagan (download able fromO'Reilly: it is only necessary to modify the codebase in the html source (and eventually slightly the javasource).

Another possibilityis to use the source published under: (

Wolfram Rühaak, 05/09/2000, formerly Institute for Meteorology, University Leipzig now GGA-Hannover (last modified 08/10/01)