Boundary-Line to Grid Converter (bln2grd)

I have written a program for the conversion of a vector datafile into a regular grid file (from the bln-file format (discription) into the Surfer (TM by Golden Software) ASCII grid file format).
Please take a look at the example input data set for explanation. The bln-file has allways a first entry containing the number of following coordinates, after this first set there can follow an arbitrary number of other coordinate sets (also starting with the number of them).
It is a polyline or polygon (then the first and last data point are equal) description.

With the help of this program you can also convert a shape-file into a grid file. In this case it is necessary to convert the shape-file first into the bln-format. This is possible for example with the program Surfer (TM). An other set of helpful tools is the shapelib.

download the java source code version of Bln2grd

download the compiled java version of Bln2grd

This java version is despite of the graphical capabilitis of the java programming language a pure console version. Please contact me if you need a version with a graphical user interface!

download the Fortran77 version of Bln2grd

example datafile for the bln-format

For testing purposes you could check the africa-data set (by, to my knowledge unfortunately not available anymore).

This is a result on a 500 x 500 grid.