The following pictures show  results of the atmospheric model GESIMA, with SVATS and hydrologic module.

It is a top-view, North is upward, the area is 141 km width and 112 km height, at the right buttom is Dresden, at the left top is Delitzsch.

The Layer that is shown is the 6th,  height  = 1000 m.

Shown is the  H-wind component (vectors) and the cloud water (colored) in (g/kg).

First pictue is after 22 h

After 23 h:

After 24 h:

Visualisation is made with vis5d.

You can also take a look at an animation of some picures showing 'the hydrologic module at work' (Java and a good computer (>32MB RAM) necessary - sorry)

W. Ruehaak, 28/09/2000