A Free Finite element Program (ffp)

Here on SourceForge you can find a Free Finite element Program (ffp) which I coded in the past.

ffp is based on:
J. Alberty, C. Carstensen, and S. A. Funken, Remarks around 50 lines of Matlab: Finite element implementation, Numerical Algorithms, 20 (1999), pp. 117.
Alberty, J, Carstensen, C, Funken, SA & Klose, R (2002): Matlab Implementation of the Finite Element Method in Elasticity, Computing, 69(3), doi 10.1007/s00607-002-1459-8.

ffp has a direct (Intel MKL) and a GPU iterative cg solver (NVIDIA CUDA).

Author: Wolfram Rühaak, March 6 2012 (updated January 8 2017)